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HoleOut Golf is a premier golf retailer located in Novi, Michigan. For nearly a decade Hole Out Golf Shop has been offering some of the best golf deals online. It is our mission to bring golfers a wide selection of golf equipment at the most competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of golf bags, golf balls, apparel, footwear, outerwear, accessories, rangefinders, and much more. We have something for every golfer regardless of age or ability.


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Dog Leg News, your online source for up to the minute PGA golf tour news, golf tips and tutorials and some of the most trusted product reviews in the world of golf. We are the only online golf news site where serious golfers can find the news, information and tips they need to stay updated, stay informed and play better golf.
Dog Leg News has been providing true golfers with news, fun articles and tips for over 8 years. We pride ourselves in talking to the folks who play golf and buy golf equipment now, not just the folks watching golf on TV and reliving past memories!

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Match Play with Ray Adams on Bally Sports Networks (formally Fox Sports Networks) is now in it's 10th season. Adams features interviews with the greatest players in the world from all the tours, celebrities and key golf industry professionals.One word describes Ray Adams and his interview style and that is inciteful. Match Play with Ray Adams is full of fascinating content.


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Jason Breding Ireland Sweepstakes Winner

“I was just screaming … I’m going to Ireland, I’m going to Ireland” – Jason Breding, Ireland Golf Trip Winner

Jim Cox Augusta Sweepstakes Winner

“There’s no way I won this. I only entered one time” – Jim Cox, Augusta Sweepstakes Winner, when told he won a trip to Augusta.

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“It was surreal” – Eric Gantwek, The (British) Open Sweepstakes Winner

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