2022 Official Sponsors

The list of sponsors below were the sponsors of the 2022 St. Andrews Sweepstakes


The patented SQAIRZ toe that provides balance and stability helps your setup on every shot. A wider base and a heel stabilizer that enhances balance. A full range of motion for today’s power swing.Materials that provide support, comfort and breathability – while 100% waterproof. Cool, ‘Sta-Put’ laces that remain tied all round long.

Pyramid is leading the innovation in reinventing proven technology for player performance. You can instantly slash 7-9 strokes per round from your score. All thanks to the smart technology and design of the Pyramid Putter.

Pyramid is leading the innovation in reinventing proven technology for player performance. You can instantly slash 7-9 strokes per round from your score. All thanks to the smart technology and design of the Pyramid Putter.

Golfballs.com was founded in 1995 and is one of the world's most tenured e-commerce businesses. The company offers a complete selection of new merchandise such as balls, clubs, shoes, apparel, and more from golf's top manufacturers. Known as the World Leader in Golf Customization, Golfballs.com prints over 200,000 customized golf balls each week, allowing customers to customize golf balls and gear easily, quickly, and affordably.

Are you looking for fun, high-quality color golf gloves? Bender Gloves has the best selection of gloves that you can choose from. Our goal is very simple - to design and make better products.

Premium Golf Rangefinders for all golfers without the premium price tag - Blue Tees Golf has developed the next generation rangefinder combining top features and performance at a fraction of the price. - Trusted by over 100K Golfers & Top PGA Professionals

Desert Fox Golf is a golf accessory company. The Phone Caddy is the best phone holder for golf, period. Its patented design adjusts to fit today’s smartphones keeping your phone at your fingertips with the ability to quickly slide it out of the holder for use.

Golf Body Rx was designed for golfers who are tight, in pain, and want to find relief before it gets worse. Over 10,000 golfers from 16 countries have improved their flexibility, mobility, core strength, and balance with our 28 day program. Only 15-20 minutes per day at home can really make a huge difference on & off the course, try it today!

Meet Harry Taylor Golf, the California company with 130 year of golf experience at the helm. We make golf easy for everyone with great wedges and affordable, high performance laser rangefinders. The best part? It's all factory direct so you save big!

Indi Golf is about the player, what feels good, looks good, and performs good. We respect the sport of golf and have a big desire to grow the game by bringing its’ enjoyment to all walks of life. Every golfer connects with their favorite sport in their own way, and it is our goal to give golfers top tier, quality product that will help them to not only perform at their best, but enjoy at their best!

Medterra CBD, LLC has been at the forefront of this revolution- creating, manufacturing and distributing high-quality, innovative CBD products since 2017. Offering true seed to sale products, each and every product produced is third-party lab tested for detection of impurities and verifying strength of potency. Medterra is committed to exceeding the current wellness norms by continuing to innovate and produce CBD products that are trustworthy, safe and effective.

MyGolfingStore.com is your one-stop shop to adding distance to your drive and shooting lower scores. Their flagship product, the Eagle Eye Rangefinder, is your secret weapon to shooting with laser accuracy like the PGA Pros. It comes with the latest, cutting-edge, premium technology you love (Including slope, pin sensor technology and advanced image stabilization) but at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a brand-name rangefinder. Available today at $100 off the retail price.

Pinned Golf was started by 3 average golfers in 2018 who couldn't justify spending $400+ on a rangefinder. Their goal was to make rangefinders more affordable and get them into the hands of golfers all around the world to help their games. Their brand new Ace rangefinder is the only model on the market that is powered by USB charging but also offers all of the features you need in a rangefinder for only $199!

Precision Impact is a Michigan based company providing quality golf products. Our team has Engineering and CAD capability and can take a product from idea to production. Our current 'single product' offering, Precision Impact, will be supplemented with outstanding products in the future.

Rapsodo is on a mission to help athletes reach their full potential. Trusted by top teams, coaches, and players, Rapsodo is a leader in player development technology! Our industry leading, data-driven sports performance technologies provide instant and accurate feedback to help players and coaches get better faster.

When you’re out on the course, emergency medical assistance can be hard to contact, far away, and slow to arrive. Golfers 911 provides golfers the ability to react to medical emergencies in the period between alerting 911 and when professional help arrives. Knowing what to do in the meantime easily makes the difference between life and death.

We’re true to who we are and we’re not afraid to show it. We wear our personality on our sleeves and our character on our collar. Psycho Bunny was born in New York, a city that’s always on the go.That unique spirit and tireless energy drives us forward and shapes what we do. We started off wanting to make the perfect polo, but we didn’t — and couldn’t — stop there.

To make the best looking bag for the modern golfer, MNML Golf knew it had to be CLEAN, SMOOTH, and MINIMALISTIC. "This is the coolest, most innovative, most comfortable bag EVER" - Jason Gore, PGA Tour Winner

Dormie was created out of the need for a "Cool" head cover. It has branched into many other fun and exciting handcrafted leather products. Whether it's a range session prepping for your club champs or a weekend trip with your "Crew", Dormie is along for the ride! We want to share our Family passion for golf with you and hope it makes you look, feel and play better!



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